Busy Weeks Past & Ahead

Well, perhaps I have neglected my blog! It’s only because I bought a house, passed my check ride, and am preparing to move, and much more excitement I can’t talk about here. No big deal, right?

First off, I closed on my home up in Minot, ND! The closing was 1430 on Friday, and by 2130, my beau Larry had just rolled into the driveway after only two days of driving (& that’s from central Texas to northern North Dakota)! He bought a fancy Nissan Titan V8 truck for the new residence and blustery winters that my PT Cruiser just can’t handle. Gotta get your money’s worth, I guess. I feel good about having someone up there keeping an eye on the house until I can move, December first. With highs in the low thirties and a sixty-five year old furnace, I don’t exactly trust those water pipes to stay unfrozen… I think Larry’s settling in nicely, in fact, he already ripped up the carpet to discover wood floors in modest shape. Not too bad for being almost ninety-seven years old. Also, I bought a beautiful gas fireplace for the living room. I can’t wait for a cozy fire!

Secondly, my beau is a certified Intel officer. He’s been working a long time for his dream job, and now it’s a dream come true. We are so lucky to be stationed at the same base, a luxury not everyone in the armed forces is granted.

Next item of interest: I passed my check ride with “flying” colors! I am a fully qualified B-52 radar/navigator/bomb dropper. Pretty exciting, I suppose. Tomorrow is my last flight as a student here in the training unit, and graduation is November 29. I feel like I’ve been in Louisiana forever! I couldn’t wait to leave as soon as I arrived. I am very fortunate that I’ll have my beau here for Thanksgiving and graduation, and he is helping me move 2,500 miles to North Dakota. In the past two years, we have been apart fourteen months. Long distance is never easy.

Lastly, I am gearing up for my big move. My house has mini forts made of classy liquor boxes packed with all my things. I’ve been like a sleazy pawn shop broker, selling off stereo equipment on CraigsList for a few bucks. I just don’t want to be overwhelmed by stuff in my new house. Simplifying my life, in a sense. I have a few nice things and don’t want them swallowed up by the lessers. You know what I mean.

I’ll be working all this weekend, packing the rest of my things, and getting ready for Larry’s visit for Thanksgiving. I am so ready for things to calm down a little bit. I didn’t say stop, I said calm! I think otherwise I’d get bored!

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