busy girl

i feel like something is out to get me. lately? the restaurant lost our reservations for prom. i have a school debt of $55 supposedly and i cannot buy a prom ticket. some girl overdosed, blamed it on me, and now two of her friends want to “work it out”. a boy has become her new best friend, and ironically also wants to get laid. i’m angry. i’m lonely and the world is spinning backwards. i just want a calm, normal life for TWO seconds. but then again, feeling down about everything is a good way to concentrate on other things. like being a narcissist.

skipped class last night. didn’t do a whole lot, but went for a milkshake and a stroll through the mall. today, billie visited me in the cafe with jenny. it was super nice of her.

here’s a list of what i have to do this weekend:

finish hem on dressbuy safety pins to pin flowers on my dress
buy thigh-hi stockings
schedule hair appointment for next week
pick up corsage for date
go to prom
write ten minute speech and two page report for speech class
shoot silent film
get my western boots back from katty
collapse and die of exhaustion

only 51 more days until i move to my new apartment in orlando. i’m holding my breath…

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