Boring films.

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 trailer.

I am so bored & in the middle of writing a paper on “Antonia’s Line”, a foreign film from 1995. It’s for my women in film class, and is of course, a snore. So I distract myself by watching movie trailers of films I actually want to see. There are so many great films out there featuring a women as the focus of a film, and women directors… I don’t know where she manages to dig up these awful, depressing, and poorly made films. Seriously. “Antonia’s Line” is okay in character development, but there is no real plot (much like most of the films, actually). It just crawls forward and you don’t know when it will end. No plot.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to bang out this paper for two days, but it’s so boring! I usually sit down and write papers in one sitting. Guh, it has to be one page. Font set to Verdana. I’m good to go.

By limitedbythesky

Frumps Re-United Stats

Formed: 7th February 2006
Split: 18th May 2013
Best Album: ‘Unhand Kraaling Crispers Cattails Virtual Forfeits’ 8/10 in the NME
Best Single: ‘Bibcocks Badgered Debrided Depute Intima’ 9/10 in the NME (Single of the Week 25th April 2006.)
Records Sold: 16,431,912 in total (6,728,816 albums, 9,703,096 singles).
Reputation: Seminal Artist
Groupies: zombieghoul’s Messianic Complex is getting out of hand. Recently they forced swankorama to sign up to their ‘Cocks For Christ’ campaign at knifepoint.
Other After realising how shite ‘God Save the Queen’ really was, Queen Elizabeth II instated ‘Diaspore’ as the new national anthem. Another shit song for a shit country.

Frumps Re-United Member Profiles


acerbichearts seems to model themselves on James Dean but looks and sounds more like James Dean Bradfield. We suggest that acerbichearts stays off the pies and spends more time fuckin’ rehearsing!


Armed with a sizeable repetroire of chords and stylings, emeraldexile managed to lift Frumps Re-United’s often monotontous din into something more creditable and exciting.


For the past couple of years deadpez has struggled with a drug addiction which has been negatively affecting their bass playing skills and their showmanship. A spell in rehab could resurrect deadpez’s career’


Throughout Frumps Re-United’s career swankorama has been all to willing to fade into the background and let emeraldexile and acerbichearts take charge of the band’s image. Because of this it is easy to overlook the drummer’s positive contribution to the band.


bachrodi is renowned for making pioneering use of new synth technology. However, unfortunately for Frumps Re-United bachrodi’s lack of musical ability has hampered the effectiveness of such experimentation.


Single Releases

# Title Date
18 Blustery Resights Gappiest Truer Mar 2006
14 Bibcocks Badgered Debrided Depute Intima Apr 2006
11 Wantons Panama Exposing Jul 2006
13 Dashes Reloaned Norlands Aug 2006
1 Snazzy Unwisest Descent Reglets Mahzor Hemolyze Mar 2008
1 Spouters Lapdogs Quintins Outhear Deviance Pluck May 2008
2 Adytum Potheens Goldfish Jun 2008
2 Spunky Scarcest Strass Sep 2008
1 Flexes Tegular Twiggier Dined Postbags Oct 2009
2 Diaspore Jan 2010
2 Liberty Feb 2010
1 Trehala Selles Sayid Durions Energies Jun 2011
1 Nacelles Modica Cowl Sep 2011
2 Pschents Dolls Selenite Zemstvos Pocked Paced Nov 2011
2 Broomed Dermas Baff Dec 2011

Album Releases

# Title Date
31 Unhand Kraaling Crispers Cattails Virtual Forfeits Feb 2006
13 Forgives Unakite Frabjous Jan 2008
2 Unsexual Cozying Ampoules Focused Sep 2009
1 Impounds May 2011

northern ireland’s worst

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