i feel so bad right now. i’m not sure why. i just feel bad. my room’s a mess, and the stupid repair people are coming tomorrow to work on things in my room bathroom. they always call me to schedule this shit, never my room mate. i always have to be the one to be at home waiting for them to get here.

i just feel like everyone’s ganging up on me for some reason, whether it be i am not doing the iright/i things with my time or money. seems like everyone relies on me for everything. i have half a dozen unfinished projects and just can’t find the time to finish them. i just want my bedroom walls to be covered in cute little photos, like my old room. but i’m not in high school anymore, and don’t have any photos i care to put up anymore. nothing’s cute and little.

i feel dysfunctional and in particular ways i most certainly am. depressing, really. i just want to stop the clock and do what i need to do. and the best anyone can do is give me stupid shit advice like “i’m sure you can find better things to do with your time/money/vagina” yeah i don’t need that either. you don’t know what’s going on.

it just seems like whenever i need to talk about something, everyone runs for the hills. i’m sick of being everyone’s daily mentor if they can’t listen for two goddam seconds or take anything i say seriously. feel free to shove me aside then come sprinting back for friendship like nothing happened. never bothered me before because i am nice, and would hope they’d do the same if i ever needed help. yeah, right. i do things and sometimes hope they’d happen to me some day in return. we’ll see.

thank you have a good day.

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  1. Hey

    Hey, it’s Tyler, Cori and Nerie’s friend. I know I dont know you personally very well, but from what I do know, your an awesome person and seriously, if u every need anything I’d be more than happy to ablige πŸ˜‰

  2. I think everyone feels this way. However I don’t like to see you sad because that makes me sad. Bren, you’re one of my closest friends and for some reason we haven’t been spending time together (i mean of course other than the fact that we’re both disgustingly busy with school and shit). and it makes me really sad because I miss you. I’m really sorry if I rely on you alot. I don’t mean for it to make you feel bad. umm.. hopefully we’ll feel better tomorrow at Rocky?

    I love you Bren. and I miss hanging out with you everyday until we wanted to vomit if we saw each others faces again.

  3. hey. that sounds like the conversation we had in the car… only my venting and you listening…. but i’m totally here for you. because i do that too πŸ™‚

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