bored & lonesome

hearing: humphery bogart | feeling: sick

i’ve a bad habit of ending my sentences with prepositions. “where at?” it’s terrible grammar.

it’s been awful lonesome lately — i have a friend here in orlando, but it’s so much more difficult to make friends here. i made a post on the ucf livejournal to see if i could find some fellow classic movie fans. they are few and far between! i want to start planning a 1930’s movie, since i made a silent already. the bad part is, the budget for thirties films is much higher than twenties. you need a helluvalotta costume jewelry, fur coats, ostrich plume dresses, fancy suits for the boys, and you just can’t draw on a moustache! i don’t know any boys that have that certain handsome look for parts. or that can grow a clark gable moustache. and then there’s that rascaly detail of where to shoot it. oh, it would be nice to have an old car as well. *sigh* but i did watch a fantastic movie last night (this morning) – called “hold your man” starring clark and jean harlow.

do you think that with the death of our grandparent’s generation, the music will go with it? do you think there ever will be ballroom dancing or a live band? i have this terrible feeling that it will all go away, and i’ll be trapped in a world of sampled offensive mess and poorly written lyrics. no culture, no dancing. the world should just end in another five years. what’s the point of keeping it around? no one has respect for anybody. it’s really depressing, actually. everything is so ugly – the language, movies, music, hair styles, attitudes, and clothing. all grossly ugly. i don’t want to wear a shirt that has “i’m up here” on it. i hate it. and i get, so sad.

the other night, i joined jesse at common grounds. there were a lot of people there, but then i found out they were just there for a bible study. a two and a half hour bible study. (literally) buhjesus! so jesse and i played a couple rounds of stratego in which i always lost.

and some random guy who played bandu with me. i kept passing him the really crappy pieces to build with. he won, actually.

it rains every day here. in the afternoon, and it gives me a terrible headache. yesterday i just layed in bed all day beacause i felt so badly. oh, and i went to the gym and it made my muscles hurt. blob.

does anyone want to buy me the “broadway melody of 1940” soundtrack? it’s new out this month. please? i’ll be your best friend!

meet pinhead bunny and my puppy. pinhead bunny was the product of semihangover boredom and heat. my puppy is bigger than my full grown version already!

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