Bon Voyage & Aloha

TIME. — So lately I haven’t seemed to have time to do much of anything! With me going out the door for deployment next week, you’d think time would be critical. Oh, it is, of course, but packing should be a snap and I can’t box up my electronics to take while I am using them. As the days tick down, you’d think I’d be in a mad frenzy to get all my affairs in order. The funny thing is that I have, but also clocked an obscene amount of hours on my XBox playing Skyrim. Devin and I pre-ordered our respective copies, and picked them up with the mom’s basement dwellers at Gamestop’s midnight release. The game is so immersive that I find it odd that I am even taking the time to blog. It’s like World of Warcraft, but on a whole different level of addictive… but not Krokodil addictive. Folks, some things you can never, ever un-see. Gross.

But anyway, I’ve had an easier time at work lately, due to Veteran’s Day and a lighter work load around the holidays/deployment so the gods have blessed me with bountiful Skyrim time. In a way, it’s beneficial for Larry to be gone so he won’t witness the insane ignoring I would be doing. As of today, I’m a level 37 Nord. Geek twitch.

HOLIDAYS. — Shopping for a Christmas card for Larry today, all the romantic cards mentioned:

  • Cuddling and/or smooching
  • Being happy to spend thrilling time together
  • A beautiful Christmas season

What a bunch of rat turds. I won’t be smooching or cuddling and it’s ugly in Afghanistan around the base 7,411 miles away. Way to harsh my Christmas mellow, Hallmark. I settled with one with glitter n’ ornaments on it. Why don’t card makers have something like:

Won’t be seeing you again this Christmas
Hope crappy Afghani terrorists bring you the warmth and glow
of this enchanting season with their laughable AK-47 aiming skills

I would totally buy that. I did get to talk to Larry today over military phone at work, so I am very lucky. And get this – we have military phone in our rooms in Guam! So this means we can chat more easily, and me right from home! This is very exciting… I know most people would be like “oh, phone okay.” But you have to understand I haven’t had as much as a hug from him in four months. Only five more months to go!

CLICK. — As a deployment gift, Larry bought me a Canon Rebel EOS T3i. It’ll be perfect for the beautiful spaces in Guam, as well as our trip to the Mediterranean next August. We had such a hard time with cameras last summer in Germany, as in half of the photos we took didn’t turn out on the film cameras we brought. Strictly digital now. I bought a cute bag to go with it. In fact, I’ve bought a couple nice things online lately. Observe.

DECOR. — As promised, here are photos of my newly renovated office. I peeled through three layers of 1980s + earlier wall coverings, spackled cracks, and sewed new curtains to get this oasis done. Yes, I photographed it with my new camera! Here’s the before and afters:

First to show off is my Don Draper couch. It’s a sleeper sofa, so guests, come on up! The curtains are actually a blanket my grandma got me a few years ago. I liked the discontinued print so much that I repurposed it into curtains. The turntable is a SL-1200MK2, top ‘o the line. They discontinued them November of 2010. The cabinet has a sliding door to conceal more vinyl. On the left are 1930s-1960s easy listening, classical, and soundtracks. The right has rock/pop 1960s-1990s. The print is a Charlie Harper lithograph. It’s called “Birdfeeders”.

My desk is a vintage mid-century Ebay find. It has a formica top and metal drawers with wooden fronts. The records from top to bottom are: 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, The Beatles: Revolver (my mom’s), Igor Stravinksy: The Rite of Spring. Luckily, I have doubles for listening!

CLOSING. — I don’t think I’ll update again until I am settled in Guam & get my internet installed. Luckily, scheduling was kind to me and I am flying over with a sharp crew, including my buddies Matt, Laurel, and Devin. Not sure I want to be trapped in a tin can with them for that long, but I know my iPod will be jamming some sweet tunes over interphone! So I will see you all in a couple weeks! Wish me a Bon Voyage! Oh, and lastly, a picture I snapped of a big fat woodpecker on the feeder. Gotta ♥ my birds! They so brighten each day here.

2 thoughts on “Bon Voyage & Aloha

  1. I love your couch- is it new or vintage? And the record player set up. I’m a record geek too- I’ve got more record players than I can count I think! 🙂

    • Hey Lady! It’s a new couch, a fold out for guests. I got it from Home Decorator’s collection online and it fits the room! It’s my Don Draper couch 🙂

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