Bombs & Guns

This week I had my physical fitness test at work. I did thirty pushups (one minute), forty sit ups (one minute), and ran a mile and a half in 13:11. To celebrate, Devin and I went out for ice cream. Nothing says fit and fabulous like soft serve ice cream! I also had a flight where I dropped simulated nukes … with the squadron commander as my instructor. No pressure, right?

This weekend, I went to the movies to see Salt. Now I am settling in to watch the season premiere of Mad Men. Team Betty! Tomorrow, I have weapons training with the Beretta M9. In other words, I am getting paid to shoot guns at the range tomorrow. My job rocks!

Now, if I can just get through this week, I am headed to Dallas to see my beau. I am also expecting to be in a photo shoot for a billboard advertisement/print publications for The Old Warsaw restaurant. Come on, weekend!

3 thoughts on “Bombs & Guns

  1. I’d have you if you were anywhere close to the flight path! Horseshoes and hand grenades… & nukes! ♥ Thanks for the plug in your blog. I appreciate it!

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