bitchin’ halloween costume to ensue…

i miss my amy. it’s been 24 hours without her! well, almost!

have a long day of school today – 11:30-7:30pm. i hate riding the late shuttle bus. i hate going home when it’s DARK outside.

i wish i could just sit here and continue listening to bix all day and um.. get paid for it?

if any of you have MSN messanger, let me know! i’m building a buddy list.

9 thoughts on “bitchin’ halloween costume to ensue…

  1. hey skawnka! I’m on MSN and i wanna flash ya! hehe jk, you’ve already seen my boobs (ass & tities pls!?) well, than i’ll show you my room oh and what a mess it is. I have shit in all four corners, I swear the foundtaion of my appartment has gotten so used to it that it might colapse when i move! HA! ^_^ anywho, send me a kiss ( LuV Ya mY SexGoDdeSs!!!


  2. bitchin’ indeed!

    the price for my services is your heart and soul! bwahaha you can hold onto them, i just want to know that their mine! heh
    oh, and labor fee is 10 smooches per hour!

    and if we screw something up, i’m down for going with the Coop design of the costume! ha

    off to download the msn messenger…

  3. i missed you brenna darling.
    i kept thinking about what was going on up here.
    “mom, can i leave now? i want to go home and see brenna”

    she cracked me up shopping though.
    we’d pass by some hot t-strap shoes and she’d go “those are SO brenna”. haha. <3

  4. all right, this has nothing to do with anything.. BUT YOU KNOW DESSY!!!


    sorry, its just.. i was looking through a pistols romance’s info and then i saw swankorama.. and it was so twilight. o the twisted web we lead.

    i need to lay off the coffee. >>

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