hearing: random tv noise | feeling: exhausted

my oh my! a new piece of ART go look now. so the 18th birthday was saturday. friday night, i was excited to go to the big bad voo doo daddy concert at the house of blues. matthew, however, forgot the tickets. we had to drive home and get them. after an hour of drive there, an hour to eat, and an hour to drive back, i watched tearfully as they played the last song after i had just arrived. they exited the stage… and lucky for me (and matt – r.i.p.) they played two more songs as an encore. i was so pissed. the one show i’ve actually been excited about in a loo-ong time, and i was sad instead.

…but. the pianist was amazing. i want to be him. and one day i might. i’d wear a tux with tails, but all fitted and tailored. it’d wear a carnation in my hair and kick some serious ass.

the hulk can lick my butt. computer animation at its worst. now, finding nemo? that’s another story. here are some photos of the pictures on my wall:

didja know there’s going to be a new “spike” channel on cable exclusively for men? displaying booze, cartoon boobs, illicit drug use, and all around good times women hating. exactly what our modern culture needs! i thought every channel minus oh!, tcm and lifetime was geared towards men. mass media much?

and what did i do for my birthday? i took photos of me in a new dress.

and if that wasn’t enough of a new dress, my family took me to christini’s. remember? that’s where i went for prom (and it was far better than the prom itself). my sister bought me a pretty white dress with cherries on it, and red netting to make it poof out. miss billie has the same one. my mother bought me a pair of cherry red patent strappy sandals – so pretty! while watching the misfits today, i noticed marilyn had a halter with cherries on it.

so, yes, dinner was exquisite. they even wrote my name in chocolate when i ordered key lime pie.

after, matthew took me down to citywalk in universal studios. after parking and walking all the way in (and even getting lost on the way to that), there were three signs. CLUBS, SHOPS, DINING. neither of us dance much besides swing, merigue, or the charleston, so CLUBS was x’d. neither of us had any money, so SHOPS got the x next. we had just eaten the best dinner ever, so DINING was x’d last. everyone there was wearing jeans and we were all dressed up; just felt out of place. so we left. and got lost. again. matthew was generous with presents, he bought me a new shirt (pink and black!), casablaca, gone with the wind, and beetlejuice. he also gave me kiss my tiara: how to rule the world as a smartmouth goddess, a nifty book to help me learn mac os x, and this (the one on the left).

my new puppy. again.

i’m watching this movie about gangs. why don’t people want to have their own identity? …and tonight? sunday night silents.

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