because you care

hearing: al bowlly – it’s all forgotten now | feeling: exhausted

thanks to kris, i’ve been blessed with recordings for al bowlly.

the jazz band had practice a few days ago – we’ve added a clarinet player. we worked on “charleston” and “five foot two, eyes of blue”. we haven’t a bass player; i can’t find anyone with an upright bass. and if i did, i might just snatch it up for myself. they are definately swoon-worthy.

how handsome is this model?

i think his hair is truly sleek and dapper.

sunday, amy, johnna, and i went to city walk at universal studios. we did the tourist thing, and listened to “don’t tell anyone” music cd’s. we crammed ourselves into one of those cheesy photo booths and took a photo. i forgot the fact that people could see you on the little monitor screen outside. we had a little bit of a crowd gathering. none of us look particularly spectacular in this picture.

look at the cocktail sign? why, it’s an optical illusion, kids!

rad gray hat from motown.

frozen reese’s cups are delicious and great when you feel like the world hates you.

i’m really getting tired of emo kids. i’m sick of seeing the bad haircuts and little boy thrift store clothes. everyone looks the same. want evidence? and yes, i’m on there. but i don’t have bad hair.

lately, i just want to get ahold of some skyy and make my bad feelings go away. i guess it doesn’t help that my house is always trashed. the only things that excite me anymore are mockingbirds, butterflies, and clouds.

…”say, a good man, nowadays, is hard to find. you always get, you know, the other kind. just when you think that he’s you’re pal, you look for him and find him foolin’ ’round another gal.” …and to think that was 80 years ago.

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