hearing: the count of monte cristo | thinking: of guy pierce

i hope everybody had a magnificent fourth of july. i had been planning with matty for a fete at his place. however, he didn’t think anyone would show up. on the contrary, jay, chowder, and chris said they would come by, and my visiting friend and i also. that’s enough for a party! so we grilled out and sat around and the mosquitoes were grilling out as well.

jay received a new car from his somewhat of a girlfriend, and took me and my friend kayla for a ride. it’s a honda… a fast one. later, we went over to his girlfriend’s house and watched her and some friends set off expensive fireworks. we got a bit smashed and headed home.

last night, jesse took me and kayla to downtown disney. finding a parking space took the longest! we eventually found one, and there was a huge light up of jessica rabbit. yow! the big attraction was the virgin megastore, with every cd imaginable.. so to speak. i found a paul whiteman later hits cd… but nothing earlier than ’28. bummer. upstairs, jesse read a spiderman comics and me and kayla made some telephone calls. chris and matthew agreed they’d stop by for the evening after we got home.

we’ll just say my friend kayla and chris hit it off right away.

my sister and her new boyfriend are coming to visit as well — it’s quite a full house for my little apartment! three guests and only bedding for one!

i’ve got starlight, i’ve got sweet dreams, i got my man, who could ask for anything more?

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