bata motel six.

hearing: the daily show | thinking: i wish i had money

i love that commercial that has that one guy that says “like my car? it’s new!.. i even belong to the local golf club!” and then says “want to know how i can afford it? i’m in debt up to my eyeballs!” all grinning. i think it’s hilarious. because that’s how most middle class families afford to look like higher-middle-class. trust me, i would know.

the only reason i haven’t been updating is, i’m not sure how or where to begin, and also i have too much to report and it just might bore everyone. that’s two reasons.

friday night, stephanie had me and evan and matthew over for a shindig. we were just sitting around, playing with her new kitten and such. matthew painted my toenails all pretty.

so we sat around for a while and some of stephanie’s friends showed up. the visiting boys started some ridiculous drama and left, and a girl said “why don’t you bring you and your anti-social friends to my house?” but stephanie was polite and declined, and they left. i wanted to get it goin on, so i suggested we set a blanket on the floor in the living room and play picnic style! so we crowded around, listening to the rocky horror soundtrack, and evan rolled around kinda sloshed. matthew refused to drink on account of “getting up early”. stephanie proceeded to get smashed as well, and she and evan duked it out. evan ended up with bite marks on his face and a black eye. she won.

next, i saw pirates of the caribbean with another stephanie. we dressed up like pirates – she wore a stripe ensemble and red sash. i wore rolled up pants, bandanna and boots.

yarrr maties! i got the plot more the second time because i’m really slow. then, when i got all snuggled in the covers in her bed, she looks at me funny and says “when are you going home?” i thought i could stay over there for the night, but never quite said so. i called around town to see if i could stay with anyone for the evening. scramble scramble. eventually, jay said a-okay, and i was off to the bowling alley after eleven to meet his friends there. to make a long story shorter, we went to sleep at eight in the morning. i got up at eleven. *yawn* but jay was a major sport for letting me stay.

i can’t wait for reno: 911 on comedy central! it looks great.

i saw “the guru” with matty. it was hilarious, especially the music. hooray for indians! and hindu dancing!

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