Last weekend was my sister’s graduation from the University of Central Florida. After the ceremony, we were back getting ready to go out to the Chart House with the family. It was pretty crazy in the apartment, and her daughter Hannah knocks on the bedroom door to come in. Well, sure enough, she is wielding a velvet box, and exclaimed, “Mommy, what’s in the box?” It was a diamond engagement ring! My sister’s gentleman friend proposed and now they are all set to be married. I say she got her BS degree and her MRS degree in one day! Here is a photo of some of the family that joined us at the restaurant (this is my dad’s side of the family; Al Capone couldn’t make it):

L-R: Hannah, my sister, her fiance, my aunt Donna, Derreck, cousin Christine, me, Cousin Cody, Uncle Dino, Gramma, my Dad & my mum.
P.S. – If and only if you are Billie, you can ignore this caption because you know all these people, anyway.

So, this will be the second wedding I’ve been in. Maid of Honor again ♥ You all like me, you really do! She’s planning a huge wedding with bagpipes and kilts and the whole nine yards, including Bruce Willis. By the way, her ring is three H-quality diamonds and is totally blingin’ insane.

… & in totally unrelated news, here is a handsome photo of my pal Jacob being supafly, going to some silly official banquet:

Consensus says lose the shades, get some aviators.
If you think this is bad, you should be glad I didn’t post more incriminating ones, Jac.

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