Baby, It’s 8F° Outside

HOLIDAYS. — So, it’s that time of year… when the world falls in love. Or something like that! Happy Christmas to everyone, and Happy Hanukkah to my Chosen friends. Wish I was Chosen. Rats.

BALDY. — Tuesday I am getting a pixie cut. Good bye super long hair. Here is probably the last photo I will take with my long hair. & even then, it’s in a bouffant.

READER’S DIGEST EDITION. — This evening, Larry and I attended Minot State University’s performance of Handel’s Messiah. I’ve seen it performed in numerous cities, including Orlando, San Antonio, Cocoa Beach, and now? Minot, North Dakota. San Antonio’s was pretty top notch. Anyway, scanning the program, I noticed they didn’t put Handel’s The Messiah: Abridged. They left out about half the program! That’s about ten or twelve songs… including everything after the “Hallelujah” chorus… Whoops. Figured no one would notice, right? It’s a little bit of an insult to say it’s The Messiah; it should have been advertised as “Selections from Handel’s Messiah”. Standards?

The alto singer had a pleasant Zoe Deschanel voice, but not opera trained (if she had a Christmas album, I would buy it), and the other soprano must’ve been an instructor at the college or something. Her voice was classically trained and she looked as if she enjoyed singing and the notes were easy to hit. A true professional. Unfortunately, the two lead violins didn’t tune to each other, so one was slightly sharp. Yikes.

Given the few hiccups, it was an enjoyable version of The Messiah: Abridged. The performance, from what I gather, was mostly volunteer singers and musicians. So good on them. Wish I would have known; I would have owned the alto section, next to the tenor with a scene beard and glasses who looked super thrilled to be singing – no sarcasm there! He was bobbing his head and completely rocking out to everything he was singing. Love that!

“You can’t even Handel the unabridged version.”
I donated a painting to my squadron’s fundraiser auction. It hauled in $315, about the same as the last one I donated a year ago. The piece up for bid was B-24J nose art on an aircraft that was assigned to my squadron in 1942. There was an entire story of its “last flight”, as well as photos of the crew that flew it. “Little Joe Toddy, All Ass and No Body”. Who knows, maybe I can make a career out of this sort of thing when I get out of the Air Force in a couple years?

This Friday is my squadron’s Christmas party. For some asinine reason, we forked out money for a DJ. Who hires a DJ anymore in the age of Pandora and iPods? And to top it off, we asked and they will only be playing Christmas music every third or fourth song. Hello — let me bring my iPod with my awesome lounge Christmas remixes! People raved about it at the Air Force Ball; let the magic happen again, please. Don’t fight it. & since we’re talking about not fighting it, hope the drinks are cheap.

I am hosting a dinner party for eight this New Year’s. Any suggestions for menu? I’m going to be working with my mom at Christmas to come up with a menu. I’m thinking molten chocolate cakes for dessert, at least. It’s kind of a tradition. My mom owned a restaurant and is practically Martha Stewart. Her advice never goes unheeded.

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