first things first: i’m going to be an aunt. my sister is going to have a baby! it’s due around december sixth. there’s going to be an extra little present under the tree this year, and everyone in my family is pretty excited. she’s getting a lot of pay through the army, and she won’t have to be sent to afghanistan because of her current condition. auntie brenna. that’s so silly sounding.

second? i am an honor grad!

i went over to UCF with my aunt, uncle, and cousin to see a play entitled “the fifth of july”. it was a very depressing play set in the late 70’s. it had a cripple, a little girl that reminded me of sandra b., and an extremely loud middle-aged woman. the play never had a climax or anything, just an epithany that was.. well, anti-climatic.

we went out to eat, and on the side of the road there was this chik-fil-a cow waving at people. we were waving and laughing and waving. it was looking at us, then flicked us off, cow style when we drove by. somebody’s been in the pasture too long.

saw “old school” the other day. and i remember why i don’t go to see “college kid movies”.

prom is this saturday. matty’s been a good boyfriend and made the reservations in orlando. i’ve decided not to purchase a new pair of dress shoes to go with my ensemble, because i have enough damn shoes as it is. i’ll just wear my black t-strap shoes – they’re fourties enough. next update will most likely be about prom, unless you’re lucky. oo oo! and no period for prom? i am so excited.

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