awful weekend?

sunday the frumps were supposed to practice, and YAY! savannah could come, and matty was coming too! so we could totally work on everything we hadn’t..all together. well, the old codgers that live at the apartment building i do decided to barge in on us and tell us to leave. they told us “insurance wasn’t liable..” or something…and an adult had to be there. i said 2 of us were…and he said the OWNER of the apartment had to be there and then the president of the board had to approve of us using it. we never did anything to make them think we shouldn’t use it; we always put things back EXACTLY the way we found it, etc. so they just wanted to be old senile bastards. and they had SUCH a bad attitude to us also. we weren’t rude at all.

ya so they kicked us out, and we ended up going to savannah’s. well on the way, a cop pulled us over for matt’s car “being too loud”, which was bullshit. he was just nosey. my guitar broke at savannahs, so she couldn’t use it. i really think that something is wanting to sabotage the frumps. but why!?

today our friends from texas were here. they wanted to go to the beach, so i ran out to the beach. we went to steak n’ shake after, then to the mall for a minute. i got a shirt that says “i can do everything your last boyfriend couldn’t.” who kicks ass? brenna kicks ass. after the mall, i picked up matty from school (just in time, too! whew!) and took him home. then me and my friends went to see “the time machine”, second time for me. it’s really quite good. i tried to exchange my mic chord that i bought exactly 10 days ago…receipt and everything, to laut’s music in the mall. it was totally unopened, and even in the original bag. but they wouldn’t take it. they said it was a 7 day return policy, and they don’t exchange chords or anything like that. ONCE AGAIN OLD PEOPLE RIPPED ME OFF! so i was like “all you have to do, is hang this one back up on the wall…and take the one beside it and give it to me.” “i’m sorry, we can’t do that…” i’m never going there again. and they’re like “we really want it to work for you…” bullshit. they didn’t even KNOW what i was talking about in the first place! if they knew ANYTHING about their merch then they would understand what the problem was. i asked for an application once to work there, and they made up a gazillion reasons why i couldn’t have one. i know more about piano and different instruments…

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