Army Training, Sir!

Well a lot has happened since last week! I went to the Austin Opera Finance Chair’s friend, Mr. Mayo’s house for dinner last Friday. It was an amazing time, actually! It was a birthday party for that major we had met at the opera a couple weekends ago. The house, was of course, beautiful. Three stories on a hill, with a lighted stone garden path in the yard. He had a piano from 1870, a 7-foot carnival music box from the late 1800s, and an antique victrola from Russia. Fabulous art and antiques! He and one of his friends that were showing us around were laughing about this “joke painting” that was hanging over the fireplace in the bedroom. The story goes that he was helping his Ma clean out her garage and found this uglyass flower painting covered in cobwebs. She didn’t want it so it moved to his garage. Twenty years later, he uncovers the uglyass flower painting and decides to google the artist’s signature. He called an art dealer about it, more “whathehell” than anything, and it ended up being “the missing painting” from the collection. The dealer said, “I’ll start you at $360,000” to which Mr. Mayo replied, “Nah, this is just too funny to give up.” He called his Ma and asked if she wanted the painting back. “That ugly old thing? No way!” “It’s worth $360,000.” “Well, there were parts of it I liked…” So there it hangs over the fireplace. Only rich people can LOLOLOL at that. I just had saucer eyes. O.O

These shots were taken by a professional photographer at the opera:

This week was the last week of suck for navigator school. Last Friday we were assigned a project that encompassed everything we have learned in school so far, including tons of additional information to look up in the classified vault. The project was to plan an entire strike mission to a certain country, including the communications plan, strike plan, downed aircraft rescue plan, intelligence/surveillance/reconnaissance plan, air-to-air threat plan, intelligence plan, weather, well… everything you’d need to know to plan an entire day of a war.

It took us six entire days working for 12-hours each to come up with a plan. I was on the badass strike team, to plan where the B-52s, B-1 bombers, & F-15E fighter planes were going to drop bombs and on which targets and how they were going to do it, with fuel and timing considerations. Yes, yours truly had to brief what the B-52s were doing to a room full of majors and lt colonels. Then, after the brief, they pick apart EVERY detail for another couple hours and ask you questions about it to determine if you passed or not. I learned so much about bombs and missiles my head is going to explode. But! The hour and ten minute long briefing we presented was “the best [he’d] ever seen” and that we “passed with flying colors”. We have a sharp class, I guess! Briefing skills FTW!

Wings in exactly four weeks. Just have a simulator and two flights in the T-1. I filled out my sheet to specify who was going to pin my wings on me, and I was trying to decide over the past few months. My dad and my grandma (my grandpa was a bomber pilot) pinned my lieutenant bars because my dad was a strong role model for me growing up. My grandma offered her home to me so I could save money and have a place to live. For my wings, however, Larry has been the biggest supporter for me. So, “Lt Martin will be pinned by her gentleman friend 2Lt Larry Dicks.” I hate the term boyfriend. I’m 24 years old, for Chrissake. So, gentleman friend, it is.

The mighty T-1. Fits a pilot, two nav students, and an instructor.

Called over to Lackland AFB this morning, which is where the Air Force has its basic training. There’s an “adopt an airman” program for Thanksgiving day where two basic trainees can take a break from the craziness and enjoy some time away and a good meal. I called and an airman picked up, and I introduced myself as Lt Martin, needed some info on the program, etc…
“…. uh.. I.. uh… Ma’am.. [pause].. uh… D-d-do you want to speak to an NCO, ma’am?”

Aww, I don’t bite! Really!

Unfortunately, all airmen have been “adopted” and my friend who just started basic this past week isn’t eligible because all trainees are on lockdown until week three. That’s a bummer. I remember in OTS that I would go to church each week just to get away from the meanies (aka military training instructors). At church they had a Lutheran service (perfect!) and a meal afterwards, or at least coffee and donuts. Anything but chow hall food!

Been playing Xbox a lot yesterday and today because I actually have time! Add me: MissPrecocious. Everyone loves me on Rock Band 2 because I can get 90% or above on every song when I am singing on expert. It’s so hard to find a singer on Xbox Live, much less one that can sing on expert.

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