Another Week to Go

Last night I went to a baseball game here in town. Most people love major league games. Some like minor league games. I had the good fortune of witnessing an independent team. It’s like a step below minor league. It was my pilot friend, Bryant’s, birthday and a bunch of B-52 pilots & navigators headed to the skybox for buffet treats and all-you-can-drink. Not to mention it was air conditioned in there; We beat the 92F heat in style. Well, as much style as warranted by Louisiana! Devin bought those RayBan Wayfarers at the mall a few weeks ago. He also got a dapper straw hat, but he forgot it. It isn’t summer without shades & a hat!

My birthday is coming up on the fourteenth, so I have decided to treat myself to a fabulous weekend in Dallas. I have reservations at the Old Adolphus Hotel downtown. The hotel itself was built in 1912 and looks so gorgeous! I haven’t had a chance to stay in any other hotel in Dallas besides my old standby, The Renaissance. They have a rooftop pool, but I figured I won’t get much of a chance to swim this weekend. Saturday night, I am set to dine at The Old Warsaw & have tickets to see “Sleeping Beauty” at the ballet theater. I always go to The Old Warsaw; two days after my commissioning I stopped through Dallas and went solo. It’s beautiful there. Perhaps I’ll meet a rich Dallas oil man to dine with? After the ballet, I want to check out the swanky hotel lounge. Sometime during the weekend I’m going to the Dallas Museum of Art & check out Neiman Marcus’ flagship store. However, I have to trudge through this week first; I just have a feeling it’s going to be slow going! Especially when I’m already talking about the weekend and the week hasn’t started!

My mother and grandmother sent me a fabulous birthday gift: an Italian pasta maker! It’s molto bella! I think tomorrow I’ll give it a whirl, or a crank! Until then, have a listen to my latest recording on the piano. I’m playing “Whispering”, a tune from 1920.

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