Another One.

Dude the last few days have been nuts.

– I love my Trig teacher. She’s really awesome, and I think I could swing an A if I really try. The only drawback is that I keep daydreaming about airplanes in class.
– I start in the shoe department at Macy’s on Tuesday. I might feel compelled to eat the shoes because some of those Jessica Simpson ones look mighty tasty!
– I need to lose ten lbs. and get in shape for the Air Force ASAP. This means no cutting corners and no more junk food. I am not going to look like a fattie Michelin Man in that flight suit. NO WAY man.

I’ve been having a lot of strange dreams lately. One had Boston Ryan partying it up in his Merritt Island apartment and I made a big poster board with all kinds of drawings and things on it for a present because I’m poor and cheap. One dream had he-who-will-not-be-named in inappropriate situations. Pssh, yeah, like that would ever happen. & one was me painting a house for money. Boring.

& key notes people, watch an episode of Dr. Who before you talk to anyone about it, ‘cos we can tell. “Don’t say buttsmear. It’s un-becoming. Say, “Asshole” or “dickweed”.” Speaking of which, did anyone else see Blue Harvest yet? “Lightspeed always looks so weird!” Highlarious.

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