Amazing Wedding Cakes.

Note to wedding cake makers:

Fondant is gross & tastes even worse!

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  1. Great songs!! All of them are really nice! My favorite is Glenn Miller doing “Jingle Bells.” 😀 Thanks! I must agree– A Charlie Brown Christmas kicks it off for me (it always seems to be on first)!

  2. ooh i downloaded all of those songs! thanks!
    i probably had some of them already on a disc somewhere but i haven’t looked yet 😀

    as for movies, i like all versions of a xmas carol, even scrooged! 😀

  3. Yes! Okay, I guess I am going to have to accept that the Christmas season is here, only because you posted your oldies tunes. I remember being overly excited last year when you posted holiday songs. If I recall correctly, they all had the theme of being winter in warm locations. I do not think I have them anymore though. Oh, sigh. But it was enjoyable. And so I am going to download these too and get even more enjoyment out of them! They were showing ‘A Christmas Carol’ on the American Movies Channel over and over again with ‘Holiday Inn’ and ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ a few days ago. It was sort of strange though, since it is only the beginning of December. I am sure TCM will show it too, just because they are awesome and will. That reminds me, they are showing a John Garfield movie right now and I am missing it! AHH. But I saw it already, but I can’t afford to actually buy movies so I have to watch them whenever they are shown on TCM. OH, TCM. I want the ‘Now Playing’ guide so much. Okay, yes, I will stop going off on tangents now. You are one of the only people I can ramble on about such things and know you have at least some sort of idea what I am talking about. I adore you! And this is really quite late but I loved your Halloween costume too. I meant to tell you that before.

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