all tingley

i noticed i hardly update anymore. i think about it and say “okay, later i will!” but then said (outloud, mind you) “does anyone read this?” which made me paranoid. i suppose i write in my journal to keep my thoughts straight. it helps me sort out what i’m feeling to see it in front of me. then, later, when i have become more level-headed, i go back and read what i have said, and see what the outcome was. sort of like fortune telling, but in a weird way. secondly, it is a twisted history of my teenage thoughts. i wonder, when i get older, if i could go back and read all this. sort of like a time capsule. whee!

moving on, tonight was so great! matty came and picked me up and we went to see “the count of monte cristo.” he even paid for me! (i supplied/smuggled the snacks tho, heh heh! girls have to because we have purses! snnnaag!). ya so it was a really good movie, with a happy ending. of course. that’s NOT the way the book ends; in the book, people keep telling him to forget the vengeance and take the girl. well he doesn’t (like in the movie) and he ends up losing the girl. so basically back where he started. it makes me dizzy. tomorrow is a very special anniversary for me.

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