Alert Ex!

This week was full of flight alert exercises, answering telephones and a smattering of house projects. What it did not contain, however, was an acceptable level of sleep! Larry left for temporary duty down in Texas for a month, as well.

This week marked my first nuclear alert response exercise. Whilst I did not work with the actual nukes, I went through the amazingly fast response process. I woke up at 0230 and headed into work for briefings. To make things even more exciting, we had the 91st Missile Wing Commander, a Colonel, riding with our crew for the flight for his “introduction” to the B-52. As fate would have it, we took practically the only van without a functioning heater to the jet parking area. When it’s 1°F outside, well… We prepared the jet and checked the systems to make sure they would be operational when we returned from the building to wait for the signal to go (as if we had to launch our jets & weapons in a time-critical manner).

All four crews were waiting in the alert building, waiting for the signal. Imagine about twenty-five people all waiting in one hallway, with only one set of doors for us all to crash through upon sounding the alarm! A very unfortunate airman who was tasked to wait right outside the door to take photographs of us running to the vans was almost aircrew roadkill! Three people (including myself) opened the door to the wrong van, and had to scramble to the correct one. Our maintenance crew chief never did find the correct van, and was almost left behind, about two miles from the aircraft. That is one long run! He hopped in with another crew as the tires were squealing to go!

It was pretty exciting to be speeding down the taxiways at ungodly speeds. We jumped out of the van and ran up to our aircraft, climbed into the darkness, and the engines were started within seconds. We were taxiing and ready for takeoff in no time flat. I imagine it was very exciting for the missile wing commander, who had never flown on the jets before. It was exciting for me, since I’m relatively new to this aircraft and hadn’t participated in this sort of exercise before. I guess America can know she is pretty darn safe after witnessing how quickly we can respond to a national threat. Awesome!

After a busy week, I worked on home projects Saturday. I painted the kitchen ceiling a bright white from a depressing brown. Who paints a ceiling brown? This is just one of the many questions I have pondered since fixing up this home! I feel like I am repairing this historical haven from years of decorating abuse. I just want to restore it to a cheery and sophisticated state like it was many, many years ago. For the industrial art deco media room, I have happened upon two small accessories, a wall clock and a pair of dachshund book ends. I also have a few rugs on order, but if I detest them… I’ll send them back.

Earlier in the day yesterday, I received a phone call from a friend in the squadron asking if Larry and I would like to join he and his wife for dinner out. I explained that Larry would be away for a month, and thanked him for his kind invite, regardless. Later, I suggested a few friends from work go out for dinner and drinks. While Minot, ND does not pride itself on having a vast array of nighttime hot spots, there are a few restaurants with edible offerings. I wore a beautiful silk blouse my mother sewed for me from a 1945 pattern and tan trousers from Heyday! In attendance was Devin, Bryant, James and my room mate from Louisiana, Amie. Bryant and James are pilots. The rest of us are offenders. James is the quieter type, while Bryant is quite charismatic and extroverted. On the way to our table, I saw the friend who invited me earlier (and his wife), with another couple from work. I jokingly said “Ah ha! I see how it is then!” and he blurted out “Well I asked you first!” … right in front of the other couple. All I could say was “Oh… Well enjoy your meal!” Additionally, the wife of the secondly invited couple has not had positive things to say about me on her online pages, before even meeting me. Karma it is! A right good evening out!

My wedding invitations are going to be delivered this week, the Cunard cruise is booked, and the travel agent is working out some wonderful Berlin visits for us. Less than three months to go!

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  1. Hi there, I linked to your blog from Toni’s (La Vie Toni) and coincidentally, I’ve come to find out that my husband was in class with your fiance Larry back in San Angelo! Small world! Just wanted to say hello – and I think you have incredible style!


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