AFOQT & Such.

So I was supposed to go flying this morning, but my uncle cancelled. It would have been nice to get an instruments & engine review before my test next Wednesday. The math section of the AFOQT is kind of going to kick my ass. I guess that’s to be expected when the highest math you’ve taken is college algebra; I can learn, dammit! But I do surprisingly well on the mechanical comprehension… I like physics so perhaps this is why. Steve, can I get a math/physics study session Sunday if you’re still in town? I will pay you $$$! I’ll have graduated but alas, I must study more than ever.

Did I flaunt my necklace Matty bought me for my birthday? It’s from Erica Weiner. If anyone wants to get me the Grasshopper or Micrometer necklace for my graduation, feel free! hearts;

I saw my friend Jeff at the liquor store (he works there) and invited him to come partake in the tasty beverages we were buying for my party on Saturday. Wish I would have hung out with him more. He’s a cool kid.

My mom is in town & we get along because I’m very laid back about things. She’s in a tizzy about the party, driving, anything really… but I can’t spend more than a couple hours with her because she’s very stressed and she has reactions to everything. I don’t know if this is a new development or I just notice it now that I’m older. ‘Ey, Frankie says RELAX!

I picked up my cap n’ gown and now I need to go get a fagulous picture done in front of that book background to look super academic. Really I should take it in front of the “sale” aisle of the art supply store because that’s where I really spent most of my college years, not the library.

Lastly, I saw Orlando boy on campus Monday… what are the chances of that, being I’ve never seen him on campus before. He was chatting with some ladies & I piped “Hey, [insert name here]!” while walking by, and he said, “What’s up.” I don’t think he would have said hi if I hadn’t first. Lame!

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    • Re: Math and Physics

      Just very basic physics, algebra 2 and mechanics (pulley weights, etc.) It’s probably so elementary to you! So yes, maybe Sunday afternoon. We’ll talk at the partayyy.

  1. That necklace is aweseome!
    I just ordered my buddy Savannah one, as her birthday is coming up soon.
    Seriously though, you have the coolest jewelry. like that winged heart necklace? Kickass!

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