AF Work.

So I am getting my Air Force paperwork transferred down to my local recruiter that would handle this area. Okay… do you all remember how it took the local recruiter forever to call me back when I was first asking around about AF Officer opportunities? Well I went to Melbourne to meet with one and he told me the Air Force didn’t really have a place for me, given my degree… was generally rude? So rude that I chose to work with the recruiter in Asheville, NC instead?

Well now I am stuck with SSgt Rude again. And get this… he remembers me & is STILL rude. Hey man, thanks for saying I wasn’t good enough to even be considered for an officer… Wait, no, you were WRONG! Anyway, I have to deal with this dude again. Not looking forward to it. Tomorrow I think I’ll go to meet with him after class so I can sign some form. I wish they’d hurry up and give me a class date so I know when I’m gonna GTFO Brevard… again. I’ll just kill him with kindness and let him be the one that has to realize how dumb he was to mess with THIS girl! ♥

“Mess with the best, die like the rest.”

Today was my first day on the Macy’s shoe sales floor. I pretty much rock at selling old, cranky ladies their comfortable and affordable shoes.

… & lastly, trigonometry is kinda hard. So is driving a car when it’s out of gas. I need money like crazy. I want to start making real money. Like… a salary. Benefits. Flight pay. I don’t ask for the world, c’mon.

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  1. It’s nioce to know that there are other intelligent people out there who can’t get enough of the train wreck that is Paris. That’s sexy.

    I also have this sick thing for Pamela Anderson, but that’s another post.

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