– Got up at 11 and dragged my sleepy ass over to Kinko’s to get some crap for my ensuing portfolio review printed. The lady screwed up my photos so I got 3 8×10’s for $.29. NICE.

– Went to Crafts n’ Stuff to get mat board (because I am NOT doing like I did last year. No wai.). The machine kept fucking up and it took almost 30 minutes to get two mats cut. I was looking through their art available books, and am going to make my own version of Warhol’s A Portrait of Maurice. I’d do my whole house in Warhol if I could… in the few places where Gee Vaucher paintings aren’t occupying the space, of course.

– Hauled ass to Art of Cinema class and watched a Chris Rock clip, as well as part of an amusing Western (My Darling Clementine).

– Labeled & matted my portfolio pieces, then met Matt & his mother for lunch at Toojay’s. Mm, Jew food.
If you go to their “fun facts” section, it really reminds me of Guys n’ Dolls. Cheesecake or Strudel? How many?

– Packed more stuff & went to my Women in Film class. Substitute, so I left. I then packed my car and took a bunch of stuff over to my storage unit so I can move this weekend. YES.

– I just finished writing a 1,000 word paper and two page-design mockups. Do you even know how incredibly difficult it is to shift from writing an academic paper to being creative? I’ve been working since 7:30pm with no breaks, and it’s almost 1 am now. Hah, that’s cos’ it’s due tomorrow. I am a slacker you know that?

It’s been totally non-stop all day, as you can see. I am exhausted am gonna wank the shank and SLEEP.
(until my Art of Cinema teacher calls me at 7:30am to post grades. ha.)

12 thoughts on “Academia.


    Muthafuckin’ TOOTERS!!!!! So horrendous by themselves, but the Dr. Pepper made it aight!

    Nothing new? A fun one-or-two time deal. That’s what I’d call it. Most parts, muy bueno! Some parts, not so much.

    Yay! Brenna missed me! She IS human! She IS!!!
    Never say it again, eh? Am I that bad?!

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