About Me.

FIRST NAME: Brenna. Not Brianna, Brenda, Bredda, Bryan, Brennan, Brandon or Bren. I go by Miss Precocious online, a throw back to Tank Girl comics’ Mister Precocious.

AGE: Twenty-four and sometimes I feel like eighty-four.

LOCATION: Originally Merritt Island, FL, then Orlando, Asheville, NC, Montgomery, AL, then San Antonio, TX. In a couple months I’ll be heading to Shreveport, LA for nine months, then Minot, ND for four years or so. I moved thirteen times during college (four years), so I’m used to moving around. The only roots I put down are in my hurr. Girrrrllll.

OCCUPATION: Air Force Officer. In less than a month, I’ll be getting my navigator wings. I’ve been assigned to be a bombardier/navigator on the B-52. My desk is… on the most feared airplane in the history of the world. Rock.

PARTNER: A fabulous 27-year-old Marine turned Air Force Officer named Larry. Props for the old school 1970’s name. Met him at Officer Training School and didn’t know at the time that he was good friends with my brother-in-law in high school, up in Washington state. Strange world.

KIDS: One day I’d maybe like to have a boy, but I like dogs better. I’m too strict and bitchy to have girls. Larry’s even worse. I know they would rebel against me and be a powder puffy princess and moron. When I get to North Dakota, I want to get an Alaskan Malamute. Larry wants a Golden Retriever. Mine rocks more because it looks like a fucking WOLF.

BROTHERS/SISTERS: One sister, she’s twenty eight. She’s a stay at home mom and an Army reservist. My brother-in-law is an Army special forces select and is an awesome stepdad who can’t spell and constructs run on sentences.

PETS: I have a deaf, surly old dachshund that my parents inherited when I went to college and he lives with them.

List the 3 biggest things going on in your life:
– Finishing up military aviation school and getting wings next month. They liken the program to finals week, every week.
– Starting my Masters of Science in Space Studies as soon as I can. I want to work for NASA some day.
– Saving to buy the house of my dreams. I am eligible to retire at forty-three with a full pension.

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