A treasure (1945)!

i’m on a three caballeros kick – after discovering i actually own this: it has been stashed in my piano bench and i forgot about it completely!

when i would visit my grandmother, she owned one vhs tape. this one. i’d watch it every visit, and never got sick of it. could be that it’s half-live action and half-animation. plus, who could resist carmen miranda’s sister, aurora, dancing like a huss? critics today say this movie’s “too sexual”. i think everyone’s a prude.

somebody buy it on dvd for me! i think it’s one of the only disney movies i really like.

4 thoughts on “A treasure (1945)!

  1. … i remember griding my copy of this into oblivion with my crappy vcr. i’m almost scared to watch it again, worried that it won’t live up to the four-year old delight i once had for it, you know? i’ve lost a few great memories that way.

    (added you, and hoping to see more films like “the doctors folly” :))

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