a real update. honest!

little reggies promotions was the biggest ripoff ever. look at that shit. who posts RULES for a show? and they charged EIGHT dollars, i’m sure the bands didn’t see ANY of that money… but i’m sure it was to pay against all authority. & and when some kid said “fucking great!” on stage in the mic, the guy who ran the show said “WOAH! F-BOMB!!!” and i thought it was really funny. i miss the good ol’ days at the jaycee’s where it was three bucks for four bands… or the REALLY old days of TWO bucks for four bands. viva le cracksmile!!

steph is so hot and is awarded 400 punk rock points for this one. score.

wtf were these girls wearing? you could see up their skirts when they were sitting down. if they weren’t like, 10, that would be hot. LYKE hot topicxcore!!! OMG.

steph and wolfy.

i liked this girl’s pair of gold cowboy boots – the ultimate in tacky!! i saw her the next day at cracker barrel.. same out fit, but different boots.

overall, it was fun.. i guess. but against all authority kept playing the bass riff for “ska sucks”, and everyone cheered, but they wouldn’t play it. jackasses. i’ll get my real old school camera film developed, and see if any of the shots of the band came out. green goblyn kicked some serious ass too, as much as they could with such a short set.

me. hi.

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