Poseur1039: so i have to write a dumb paper on one of movies we watched in class.
UFBrittanyFL: what is it?
Poseur1039: le mépris. it’s about this arm charm that was pissed at her husband cos he failed at life.
Poseur1039: so it was dramatic and french and about the breakup of their marriage.
UFBrittanyFL: hideous!
Poseur1039: depressing.
Poseur1039: what if i just copy + pasted that summary and turned it in.
UFBrittanyFL: hmm, good idea
UFBrittanyFL: she prob won’t even read it
Poseur1039: shed be like lol!1 im from berlin & im gunna go play this!11!
UFBrittanyFL: hahahahhaa!!!!!

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