look at how fucking annoying people at UCF are. especially computer science people. look at how he talks online:

Nirgaul: I know. Instant chatterers do provide that option to those who access it. That is why I contacted you, because you seem interesting. But with some, its hard to proceed this way without some prior consent.
Nirgaul: As though its important to be vetted in a more tangible context so that familiarity can proceed online.
Poseur1039: ugh you read like the philosophy book. relax, buhjebus.
Nirgaul: don’t tell me what to do.
Poseur1039: i’ve had about enough of your ridiculous, puffed up vernacular. now i remember how annoying i found you like, a year ago. thanks for the refresher.
Nirgaul: we got a little further this time…I think that’s only because you’ve aged a year…perhaps in 5 years we could have a complete discussion without your sensibilities being tripped.
Poseur1039: no, i just think you’re a really obnoxious person.

ugh! idiots! i HATE aim tards.

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