ahhh just woke up, one thirty pee em! all due to a most gloriously fun rocky horror night. i dressed up: frizzed out my hair, black eye makeup, red lipstick, and white face powder. maid apron and lace head piece. guess who? columbia is my favorite character, but i don’t have the hair or the eyebrows (anymore) for that nonsense. damn!

hey amy where are those rocky horror photos?

today i am going home and hanging out with billie! it’s been a month almost.

no, we’re not going to see hellboy. that’s tomorrow, suckers.

might i just add i have the best boyfriend ever because not only does he shell out copious amounts of cash, he also participates in rhps with me! what a snag.

old photo:

“not only are they made better, but they taste better too!”

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