i love that i can still cause a stir back home and piss dumb people off without even being there… since eight months ago. life is boooring back there. i’m glad i have my amy and billie in orlando… and our silly songs and dances (especially at pleasure island).

a yard sale is in the work to promote the “amy and brenna mall at millenia/band habit”. i checked my bank account and let’s say i am fairly pleased. at the jefferson ghetto, it would have bought a lot of vodka. now? it can buy a lot of vodka. but let’s not be silly, i’m saving my pennies for something good.

and… this friday:

“well i’m sure i could be a movie star, if i could get out of this place.”

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  1. “i’m sure that i could be a movie star / if i could get out of that place” is Piano Man. It looks like you confused it, maybe you didn’t. Just btw, y’know.

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