Wednesday I decide if I want to be a navigator or an electronic warfare officer. There are only five EWO slots for sixteen people to fight over, however. I’m trying to track EWO, but we’ll see if there will be a slot for me. EWO will be harder than navigator, but it’s the only way I can guarantee myself a B-52.

If the government passes the bill to turn off the internet in an “emergency,” I won’t get my daily dose of cute rabbits, lolcats, and social networking! Back off, Washington! This time it’s way too personal and creepily censor-y. Emperor Palpatine, errr President Obama, can’t seize America’s right to dirty websites (or you know, information in general) during a “security emergency!” Ugh, he needs to back off with the “No, you can’t”. I thought it was “Yes we can!”

Tonight Larry & I are going to a local show downtown. We’re going to support the opening band, which is one of my instructor’s last shows he’s playing here in San Antonio.

Riding tomorrow again. I also have to craft a huge iPhone for that Nav/EWO selection party Wednesday… I have to make shirts and bake bacon (although I don’t eat it) for our burger (although I don’t eat it) fundraiser. Busy weekend!

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  1. AWWWW Yeahy for you guess what Im bored we all need to hang out sometime soon and do bowling or something im going through withdrawl from you its been too long lol WEll hope you and matty have a wonderful weekend and you stay safe during the weather toodles

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