That skinny boy from Nature’s Table wandered into Macy’s and asked me out.
… Cute.

It’s always these super skinny, skinny guys that ask me out. What is up with that? Where are the fatties? I like sturdy men.

My computer keyboard went kaput. It just… won’t type. I’ve already replaced the screen a few months ago, and the battery doesn’t work right. The shell repairs would be about $500 and then the keyboard and battery and plug would be a billion dollars more. I love my computer but maybe I could sell it back to Apple or something. I am so tempted to buy a MacBook Pro. Since I’m a student, I’d get a student discount…

Shoe department, backstage.
This is only half of the racks we have to navigate.

All I have left on the crafty Croft costume is carving the belt buckle and bolting loops on the thigh straps for the belt. Yeah, my holsters are leather, bitches. Oh oh, and I also have the mini bookbag!

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