good times.

hearing: cure – just like heaven | feeling: pensive

you’re just like a dream. greetings, all. i have my internet connection up and running again, but it is terrifically slow. that means really slow. i have a feeling the network is still loaded with viruses.

does anyone else get those aggravating AIM porn ads? i’m tired of e-mail spam, and now this?

a lot of things are changing in my head. feelings going and coming back. thoughts i push out, or else pay the guilty price. confusion. anxiety. what if? what if? oh, i’m sure they’ll go away soon, though; they’re just plain nonsense. i’m perfectly happy as i am. i think?

i bought myself a new bright red shiny accordion. i learned on a 300-button one, and it was huge and almost made me fall over… so i decided to continue playing and buy a cute, managable one. s/he needs a name. any ideas? i was thinking something kind of nerdy… or of course, old timey. she does crank out both the chicken dance AND sinatra.

it’s my main squeeze.

lately, i’ve been so very busy. i’ve become a grade-a insomniac, and i owe it all to my pals i’ve made here at ucf. the more i go out with them, the more chances to have a grand time… and not to mention get fancy. tonight i’m missing the david brockie experience and going karaoking with jesse and a bunch of others. my goodness, i hope i do okay!

and… i got a new room mate, as well! she’s sixteen, but have no fear! she’s an outgoing lil’ dame and we’re getting along just fine. i came home from school one day to find her all moved in! it came as quite a surprise… and i was partially embarrassed because the apartment was kind of cluttered as a result of me. by the second day, her and her friends were already pokin’ fun at me. that’s love! <3

who worships the vamp dame (jean hagen) in “singin’ in the rain” as much as i do? i always dance around like her, wishing i had a man to dance with and watch me curl cigarette smoke out my nose. namely gene kelly.

got my site reviewed! first time ever:

+ positive

  • Wow. A personal site with personal content that doesn’t make me want to shoot myself. That’s rare.
  • And a whole trunkful of writing… How lovely. I’m starting to like this ~^
  • Everything is normal yet so unique, the same but completely different. I like that.
  • Pink and black are the ditziest colors around, but somehow you make ’em look cool.
  • – negative

  • If the splash has no point, don’t include one.
  • The “you” section is… well, I don’t find it of much substance. Except that cool make-up tutorial.
  • Having “-x-” as multiple options from a drop-down is not… efficient.

Would I visit this site again? Nah.
Was this site worth my time? Yep.

today on campus there was a most terrible rainstorm. i believe it was the result of the tropical depression coming across florida. i was working in my art class on a new pen and ink drawing, and it wasn’t quite dry. my heart sank when i realized i had to go outside in the pouring rain! so i stole the trash bag from the ladies’ bathroom and made do. then i could sing in the rain, without ruined art work! well, i’m off to learn how to play “down sunny side lane” on the piano. some photos.

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