the academic awards ceremony was last night. i dragged matty along for the two hour ceremony. i received the award of excellence in web design II, and honor graduate tassles. when the assistant principal, katherine, announced my name WRONG, my dad yelled (in front of 1,000+ people) “it’s brenna, KAYTHREN!!!” i just smirked and strode across the runway… er, stage. there’s nothing like 2,000 eyes on you. i wore flats with bows.

so, i am unofficially finished with high school. no diploma yet, though, another week until that. i have finished the last of my college exams, and i have been deemed exempt from the rest as a result of an a average. but! the thing is, i signed up for a field trip with the physics class for this friday… and i don’t even have to go to school. so i’ll show up all lazy from sleepin’ in, rollers in my hair, slippers and a mug of coffee. “which way to the bus?” dammit, i’m tempted to just load a bunch of students in the PT and say screw the school bus. it’s too hot for school buses, ya hear?

cara gave me a graduation card, red gloss lipstick, and twenty dollars. that is the nicest thing a friend has done for me in a very long time. i think that deserves recognition.

tomorrow is the film club festival. my silent film will be up for judging in the fourth slot, toward the beginning. billie and i are dressing up as 20’s movie stars for our film premiere. oh the style! oh the pizazz! now, if there was only a red carpet! but, we couldn’t talk anyways, because we’re silent film stars. a la lina lamont in “singin in the rain”.

there’s a world-class conspiracy. walls with ears. it’s out to get me. awwr, don’t like my face? well don’t look at it.

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