cops & robbers

hearing: rancid – blackhawk down | mood: accomplished

friday night i went out to dinner with matty. i wore my hussy cheetah pencil skirt, a new shirt he had bought me from the limited, and black stilettos with a metal heel. after dinner, we were driving back toward his house, and the car engine started smoking! we pulled into our friend clayton’s street to get some water for the radiator. it was dark, and matt started walking up the road. he knocked on the door, and when there was no answer, walked around the side and found a hose. he returned to the car, just as 4 cop cars whizzed by. the next door neighbor had called the police, thinking he was a prowler! we just made fun of it all.

last night, i hung out with jay, matt, and chris. we bummed around, then went in the navigator to chili’s. i bought my dad a birthday present at walmart, then we bummed around some more.

jill is still stalking my boyfriend. it’s been two years, and i think it’s time to cut that umbilical cord. she put this cd with just one track (radiohead’s creep — fitting, really) on his car on valentines day with a dead rose, trying to be all dramatic. not just a stalker, but a “hey she’s scaring me a lot” stalker.

i am doing my laundry today… i think it’s been a month. you can imagine it’s quite a feat. it takes three loads to get it all done. yikes! but i have to have clothes to wear. and it’s like a surprise, when you find a shirt or skirt you haven’t seen in months. just like christmas!

Serenity819: C’est l’heure de dormir.
Poseur1039: c’est l’heure pour mon derrier!

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