So this year I won’t do the breakdown of major events that happened to me in 2009. It was actually okay, if you take out flight school that was ten months of this year.

Long story short, got my navigator wings after blood, sweat and tears… my sister got hitched in May. Most people are really complaining about 2009; I guess for me it was a blah year of more school. This year will be a groundhog day of sorts, more school.

2010 predictions: pretty ho-hum. Moving to Shreveport, LA for nine months, then Minot, ND. I’ll get a promotion to first lieutenant in September. I plan to start my masters Jan 2011. Look at that… I can tell the future.

Did a painting a few weeks ago but the camera made the colors wrong. It’s hard to photograph art.

Acrylics on canvas, 30″x40″

I finally got to meet fellow LJ friend Steph in Portland last week. Why can’t I have people like her to hang out with all the time? It’s hard for me to make friends that I can stand, much less a lady that I like as a friend. I’ll post photos from my holidays when Larry sends them to me.

So I’m in Washington state until January 23. I’ll have been in Washington for a whole month (for survival school) by then. In a week, I’m going camping in 20F weather. Crazy. I won’t get to see Larry again until end of February maybe. He stays in San Angelo the entire time I’m in Shreveport. We’ll probably meet back up in Minot, ND next November or so.

4 thoughts on “2009

  1. You were in Portland and didn’t look me up!? You do mean Portland, OR? Well, I guess I would have been in Florida for christmas, but still. Where in Washington are you? If you feel like making the trip down again, you may stay with me…I’ll be back in Portland on January 5th. Ciao!

  2. Meeting you and Dicks was AWESOME (uber-awesome, even) and I’m wicked pleased that the day went well. Hopefully if/when you make it back to the Pac NW I’ll have a place for y’all to crash if need be!

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