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holy hell, today i get this letter at school, from the principal. it says i’ve been awarded an “academic achievement award”. it’s a surprise for what catagory tho. ummm why me? i think (just think) it might be either my web design teacher, or my english teacher. who knows? i’m the biggest slacker; whatever could this be for? i can’t wait to schmooze with the stupid know it all kids. oh joy.

last night were swing lessons! my mom yelled at me that morning and said i wasn’t going that night, but my dad said i was. dad gets the last word. ya so everyone thought that we weren’t going to have practice because i said we weren’t at school. but i told billie and alex, and tried to call matty, but he had his line busy from the internet (he fell asleep after connecting it). so i couldn’t tell him i was coming, so i drove all the ways over there, “to egypt”. it took him like 20 minutes to wake up, that kid is a big sleepy bear! he was still sleeping and was sooo grouchy and didn’t want to go, but i’s made ‘im! i drove. “all the way to melbourne.” we learned three new moves, which is super cool.

today, after school, me and my mom went to go look at pt cruisers. there was one out front, a 2001, 7500 miles on it, limited edition (which is the top kind), for 23k. the salesman let us drive it, to test it out, and it was lovely. it has a moonroof, leather seats, a cd player, cruise control (it’s my god), and everything! the salesman said we could “talk them down” to 20k…and my dad thinks we can do better. how awesome is this? *dies* the only thing is it’s 4 cylinder. grr…must have…fast car…

after that, i came home, and drove out again to practice our newly learned swing moves with matty. i tried to call, but alas, his line was busy. so i figured he was home and jetted over there. his parents said he had left an hour before. palin’s girlfriend shannon’s parents are getting a divorce and palin needed a ride out there. hmm…right. no one told me. so i sat in the backyard with his parents for about an hour, then watched anne of green gables with his mom for a while. woo hoo!

so this is my exciting life, and it seems to consist of driving around and missing people because they’ve left. yow.

Have you…

01. Fallen for your best friend? hahah well…yea.
02. Made out w/ JUST a friend? yes, prom ’00
03. Been rejected? yes, but only in juniour high, and a couple cases in high school
04. Been in love? yes
05. Been in lust? yes, haha of course.
06. Used someone? hm. i don’t think i have. others may think differently.
07. Been used? by girls actually. 4 too many times.
09. Been cheated on? hope not.
10. Been kissed? hmm….
11. Done something you regret? no…i mean you can’t change the past anyways.

* Who was the last person…
12. You touched? matt’s dad’s arm. there was a mosquito on it.
13. You talked to? myself.
14. You hugged? matty.
15. You instant-messaged? some girl who’s site i liked.
16. You kissed? matty.
17. You had sex with? hmm.
18. You yelled at? i don’t remember. too many to choose from.
19. You laughed with? don’t remember.
21. Who broke your heart? dominic. eeps!

* Do you…
22. Color your hair? no, it’s all grown out.
23. Have tattoos? nevah!
24. Piercings? 1 hole in each ear.
25. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both? yeah.
27. Own a webcam? yes
28. Ever get off the damn computer? hahahahah!
29. Sprechen sie deutsche? no.
30. Habla espanol? non.
31. Quack?: chirp.

* Have you / do you…
32. Stolen anything? yeah.
33. Smoke? nevah.
44. Schizophrenic? no.
45. Obsessive? I over-analyze, everything. so yes.
46. Compulsive? sometimes. i have to do certain things.
47. Obsessive-compulsive? sure.
48. Panic Attacks? nope.
49. Anxiety? seems like i’m stressed 24/7.
50. Depressed? sometimes. i feel like i’m not good enough for people.
51. Suicidal? no. i do love life.
52. Obsessed with hate? no
53. Dream of mutilated bodies, blood, death, and gore? yes
54. Dream of doing those things instead of just seeing them? yes
55. If you could be anywhere, where would you be? someplace far away and romantic. italy.
56. Who would you be with? my friends. the way they used to be.
57. What would you be doing? sitting and talking.
58. What are you listening to? hummm of the monitor.
59. Can you do anything freakish with your body? i can ALMOST lick my boob. damn.
60. Chicken or fish? chicken.
62. Is ice cream the best thing in the world? oh man, definatly klondike mint. *sigh*

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