what boyfriend?

hello…today started sorta bad, i mean i waited faithfully, 8.15 for matt. he shows up at 8.27 or something, which is okay i guess…i never get to talk to him with out josh or someone standing over us.

so i go thru the day (energized from my breakfast of cereal and a muffin!) and am looking forward to “french kiss” we get to watch after school in french club. cute movie i guess. too bad i had the unfortunate experience of looking at the back of a certain “ex girlfriend”‘s picture. that sent me into a spiraling mess in the middle of french club. *sigh* sweet emotions called love.

then later, i visit him to try to talk, and he acts like nothing happened earlier. so i sit and try to talk, and he’s not taking me seriously or anything. i was trying to get to the point but alex showed up. hooray for the entorage. i mean alex couldn’t help it or anything…but i went home after that. (after stepping in cat shit and getting it in my dad’s car) a perfect ending to a perfect day.

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