today jill stopped by the cafe to visit me on the way to getting groceries for her parents. after i got off work, i picked her up and we did our english journals. after that, we went bowling! the guy at shore lanes only charged us $3 for the lane and shoe rentals! so i beat jill in the first game, and she beat me the second. i improved my bowling score too! (what WAS a 56 is now a 65!!!) yeah okay shutup. it’s good! it is!

this weird guy wanted me to take off my jacket because it would “help me bowl better”. gross.

anyways, after that, we stopped by the comic shop (there was a rumoured show). i saw dan and joe there, then hailie and jeff and the raver kid and kristina and anna and anna. then we went to target, then dennys.

when i got home, matt got on icq and wasn’t listening or replying to anything i said, and he didn’t TELL me alex was right there at his house. piss me off. i mean he could have told me so i didn’t waste my time. grr.

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