yay for anniversaries and halloween! i had a good day overall. but trick or treating when driving is something i don’t recommend; or trick or treating with impatient people. *grr* i hate when people go ask for candy but don’t wear a costume. it’s so cheap and tacky. at least put forth a little effort. ew.

um yeah so after i waited in the big lots parkinglot for matty like a gazillion years, we went to the river house, yada yada, and met alex at 7.45pm. we were only like 45 minutes late and they left after waiting 20 minutes! losers…it was my idea to go there anyways. blechh.

so i was a lovely nun and i visited my aunt in raintree because it was her birthday. afterwards, me and matt went to joe’s because he was supposably having a party. like, 4 of his stoner friends were there, and when i had to leave everyone showed up, like becky, jill, alex and co., and other people. oh well. it was fun and i did get some candy anyways.

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