today was pretty nice i suppose. i was talking to my friend jamie, and she was telling me all about her “first time”, and i was all like “aww!” i feel like i’m everyone’s bedroom mentor nowadays. i guess that’s a compliment and supposed to be flattering.

anyways, matt picked me up and we went to where he was going to start his first job on october 1. a halloween store! that’s so perfect for him, i’m so proud! (okay why is the sink making gargle noises? i’m scared) after we went there, we went to jay’s and hung out and watched faces of death movie clips on the computer. you can tell i’m really excited about this one. jay kept commenting on my tits and i’m scared.

after that, i went to my grandma’s and she let me pick out clothes from her back closet…it was like a thrift store, no joke! i got 2 new pairs of pants and a pink sweater and she is going to take in my homecoming dress so it will fit all pretty. grr, i got called a teenybopper today for wanting to go to homecoming. guess i’m not fucking elite punk enough…damn. i am GOING to have FUN dancing to hoodie hoo music if i damn well please! well, rant’s over, i’m out.

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