Newsflash: I now intimidate boys to the point where they can’t/won’t sleep with me.

… Oh, now that’s just great.

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  1. geez this looks great. i’d love to see it…i remember seeing your first one.

    this is acheirhea from the novim boards, by the by, and i added you.

  2. SUCKS.

    men are more complicated than we give them credit for, i suppose.

    you can try playing games,

    but it is possible that whoever you’re referring to is intimidated by not you, but the fact that he may be compared to others now (or in the near future, even).

    that’s a lot of pressure, & while most girls love the chase & like to continue to impress, guys tend to not bother at all once they’ve had what they wanted.

    guys also like to hold the cards, so i can imagine for them to feel like he may have invested, or will invest a lot more emotion into the relationship is a VERY scary thing for them. so naturally, they dip.

    • I guess I’m just used to dating a walking hard-on! I tried to tell him there’s nothing to be scared of, etc. but every time we hang out he’s like “I’m so nervous I’ll say something stupid.” or “I’m so nervous I’ll do something dumb.”

      Since when was I so fuckin’ scary! Buhjesus. Three guys told me I was intimidating last week. I thought I was a pretty down to earth kind of girl! Damn!

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