what a long day. it’s 12.30 now, and i am so tired! but i am sending a file, so i have to be up anyways. today i got a ride to school, and there was this crazy tornado warning stuff going on. it rained all day. but one good thing that happened was in my web design 1 class, the teacher said i could make the layout for my school’s main page. i mean woohoo for school spirit..ahem..but it’s fun anyways. i just feel important/appreciated. maybe i am okay at html.

i got home and took a nap because i was tired, but every time i dozed off, my stupid mom came in and woke me up for something. she told me my dad had paid the first check for the condo in cocoa that we’re moving to… so it’s really soon that we’re moving. it might be a good thing for me, but my house has a lot of memories in it. good and ones i’d rather forget. maybe it’s a sign that new things are coming up for me in my life, and that’s something to look forward to!

lastly, some kids called me, from this emo band (summer’s end), and were all like “yay we’re acting like third graders!” but i met a cool chik named candi. figures, i’d rather talk to chiks than guys. *sigh*

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