hey well today was a decently good day i suppose…aside from nasty mean comments from palin! “but i thought you were friends?” you ask? i thought so too, until he started saying stuff to matt about how he could “do better than me” and how i “don’t respect him” and “treat him bad”. right. i mean sometimes i’m mad and stuff and we fight, but that’s part of a relationship..and we always get over it in like, 2 minutes anyways. i think palin needs to keep to his own relationship and quit coaching mine! i can’t believe he’s getting so weird about this.

…but on other (nicer) things, exams tomorrow! i have english and computer tomorrow. 2 hours with jill, then two hours with dom. yay for nice people! boo for mean people that want to get their friend to dump their girlfriends for no good reason! and yay for jean jackets because i won one on ebay, and my boots came too! they’re neato!

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