today was a good day, and i’m getting scared! why? exams! hideous exams! aka horrible death traps to your grades! i have a’s and b’s in my classes–how am i expected to remember everything i’ve learned and roll it up into an ‘a’ test? blasphemy!

anyways, jenny rode the bus with me today, and i made the ‘horrible, wretched, kill-me-now’ mistake of letting her come over on a day matthew was supposed to come over. forgive me please! i am going to hell now! (according to matt) well not really, but he got all pissy at me because i said he could, and then jenn came over. sometimes plans change, and for some odd reason, i just didn’t want to do anything today. i just wanted to sleep. is there something wrong with me? how was i supposed to explain that feeling to him? the ‘i just don’t feel like it’ mood? kristina says it’s the ‘married couple syndrome’ and i think she may be right. time for a honeymoon.

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