wow, what an exciting day! it started at 8am when dewain came over to get his cell phone and was supposed to pick up shayna, but we were still asleep, so he came over later. they are going to prom tonight!

next, since i am a big loser, i didn’t have any plans today. neither did stephanie. so since my parents and i were going to eat breakfast at 11, i decided to call matty up to say bye before he had to record from 12-7pm (insane). turns out he didn’t have to so he was going to come to breakfast and stephanie’s house with me. we then proceeded to the mall and saw dominic there. after i bought a new bra and some undies, and we made fun of the ‘punk’ and ‘rock’ shirts in 579, he decided to go see joe dirt with us. it was pretty good too!

after the movie, we went to jc penny’s and matt bought a beautiful ‘punk princess’ shirt. boy has to have balls to wear something like that. then i saw jill and heather at the mall…right….and a long lost friend i haven’t seen in like, 3 years! And we also saw loser laney there too! aww she’s so cute! when we got to stephanie’s we swam in her freezing cold pool, then watched ‘girl, interrupted.’ i wish i could have seen the end before my dad came to pick me up. it was pretty good. i am sleepy now, so i better go.

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