oooh, today was the oh-so-scary ‘friday the 13th!’ and for my plans, there was a show at ground zero. it was an all day show, like 2-8 or something. at 11, i went to shuttles for lunch with matty, and after that i wanted him to spike my hair. it took 3 hours! eek! but it looked really good!

the show started at 2, and i ended up there at 6. i got there just in time to see the trendys play. they did good. so i saw a bunch of people i knew there and met a bunch of new people, and the best part is i found a girl drummer (named lindsey) that might want to be in my band! that would be so cool if it ended up working out. anyways, i was sorta wondering where matt was when it was 8pm and they kicked everyone out. (i hate ground zero by the way)…so i called him and he was building a birdhouse for his mom! that sucked because everyone was leaving and i was left all alone. but eventually he got there and we went to walgreens, then steak n shake for dinner. whee!

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