So about the effin’ hottie that comes into Blockbuster (but is totally weird)…

Tonight I went to go pick up a couple movies around 9:30 or so… and the second I start walking towards the entrance the hottie gets out of his car and goes in, too. What are the chances of that happening? Anyway, so inside the store he has these two really know-it-all friends:

“Alien was such a boring movie.”
“Did you know AvP2 comes out next year? The first one sucked cos’ it was PG-13.”
“Sound of Thunder was only in the theater like, four days cos’ it was so bad.”

… and none of them would shut up. So I non-chalantly make my way to the sci-fi section and he corners me with a stupid question about name-dropping.

“Do you know Kyle someone-or-other?”
“Who? What? No.”
“How about Steven Pelkey?”
“Yeah I know Pelkey.”
“Did you know he quit the Obscene?”
“Yeah I knew that. Chuck’s filling in for him now from what I understand.”
“Oh… yeah.”

I think his “Hey look, I know some mutual friends of ours! Talk to me!” backfired. And the funny thing is, the Obscene wrote a song about him called “Shut the Fuck Up Tim“… it’s on two of their albums. When another one of my friends named Tim asked the writer if it was about him, he laughed and said, “Hell no. It’s about this stupid dishwasher that works at Olive Garden that’s annoying as hell.” ie… weird Blockbuster boy.

He’s still hot shit. I think I saw him smiling at me from across the Xbox rack. I think Ron, one of our managers, told Tim that I think he’s hot. Hmm, no wonder he was so friendly. I’m really curious to see if he is as annoying and stupid as everyone says… it’s such a waste of beautiful man if so.

And just so this wasn’t a complete waste of your time:

8 thoughts on “Tim.

    • i love putting on the silliest music i can find with my friend amy. we dig up cheesy 80’s music that are on god awful mix cd’s. we sit in orlando rushhour traffic, windows rolled down, doing choreographed macarena, cabbage patch, disco, etc. to “i’m too sexy” or something ridiculous.

      yeah, so, dancing in traffic.

  1. ‘elderly people’– though I think I can answer this one myself. I always get sad when I see a nice elderly man out shopping or something and they’re so polite and sweet, and you know it’s genuine because that’s how things used to be…double sad if it’s a couple out together, because I hate knowing that ‘they’ don’t make people like this anymore. The same class-less chumps that are my age now are going to be the same chumps but with white hair. Grrr.

    “The problem with being my age is that everyone expects you to be this father figure, but really you’re just the same asshole you always were.”
    Robert Duvall, The Paper

    I seriously think I was born at the wrong time. (I’m 24)

    • you got it!

      they are so interesting, and are our history. they fought great wars so we could have our freedoms today. they fought the great depression, and other times of radical change. they have integrity.

  2. Well, if he really is annoying or stupid, you could just tell him NOT to speak if you guys ever hang out. lol.

    You can’t go by what others say…maybe he’s a nice guy?

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